Paddy fields(rice fields)

スナップショット 1 (2016-09-28 13-27)

スナップショット 1 (2016-09-28 13-27)スナップショット 7 (2016-09-28 13-30)スナップショット 4 (2016-09-28 13-29)スナップショット 2 (2016-09-29 15-53)

Paddy fields both for sake specific rice and table rice in Shiga prefecture in Japan.Shiga prefecture is famous for biwako-lake which is the biggest lake in Japan and also one of the oldest lake in the world.Shiga is not a famous region in terms of rice production,but it produces very good table rice and also sake specific rice ,such as Yamadanishiki(山田錦),Tamasakae(玉栄),Ginfubuki(吟吹雪)and Shigawartaribune-Number 6(滋賀渡船6号).


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