Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery:The Next Challenge


Like Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery, other breweries In Shizuoka tend to favor the tougher conditions (lower temperature and lower sugar content) for yeast in moromi and they change the yeast metabolism to gain their preferred aromas.

Additionally Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery takes up to 40 days at most for fermentation process (20-30 days is standard) and the liquid density is no more than Baume degree 3. This means there is very limited sugar content in the moromi (the yeast food source). At the same time, a lower temperature environment, which makes it difficult for the yeast to survive, is maintained for a longer period than usual.

Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery reached the conclusion that this 40 days is too long for yeast to produce better flavors and aroma and instead it brings specific bitterness. That is why they decided to control moromi and slightly reduce the fermentation period, but it is still longer than the industry norm – to achieve an aromatic and clear taste of sake. Their unconventional approach shows their pride for sake production. Sake they produce has an elegant purity and a hint of refined umami which is hidden after the taste.

Kanzawagawa Sake Brewery, with its unique approach to method, is like a solo explorer taking risks and gaining great rewards. As a result, their sake has gained a global reputation. Their flagship item, called “Jyunmai Dai Ginjo Shosetsu Yamakage Jyunetsu commemoration edition for Kijyu-hosho Award” received 92 points when Rober Parker rated sake for the first time in 2016.Their flag ship brand of Shosetsu is very popular in Japan and we believe that the international demand for “solo explorer sake” will only increase.


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